Jadoo3 Tv another scam

So now Jadoo Tv launched Jadoo3? I mean are you kidding me...really. enough is enough, somebody needs to put an end on this non sense worthless box, they only have 1 or 2 GOOD Live channels which are available in all versions of Jadoo Tv (1 & 2). They need to know Jadoo Tv is not APPLE iPhone, its a garbage box, so releasing new versions means NOTHING. They just want your money with same features and channels crap.

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yes indeed
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Jadoo 3 is a good system. I can see most of its channels work. So my experience is good.
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I have jadoo 3. It's garbage. Most channels doesn't work. And on demand is not working too. It freezes so often. Jadoo 2 is better than 3. So please don't waste ur money on jadoo 3. U can buy 2. It's cheaper too.
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I have a jadoo3 but when i buy it then all channels is working after 2 weeks there so many channels are not working and when i open the channels then its loading after some 2 mins exit channel to menu now whats going on i dont know what to do plz as soon reply..
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Under the folder ''my Jadoo'' no channel is working. At the moment, no sports or cricket channel is working. Shame for the JADOO managment. Foe Jaddo 3 boxes, YOU PEOPLE ARE ROBBING US.

Can you please sort out the issue as soon as possible.



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